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Legal notice and conditions of use of the website

The use of the website is governed by the following conditions (the “Conditions”).

Its use, (for whatever reason including navigation) by the user, implies the acceptance of the conditions, as well as those applicable in case of adhesion to the services offered within the website (see the sections “Contacts” and “Work with us”), those applicable to the privacy notices, including the one that describe the processing of personal data which are collected when adhering to the services offered, excepting for an eventual express consent.

The website owner has the right to change the conditions, if and when it is necessary as a result of: changes of normative of interest, further development of the site’s functionalities wherever it affects its use and the services provided within the site. In any case the site owner, at its discretion, deems it is necessary in order to allow a more effective use of the site and its services and to guarantee additional transparency and protection for the users.
The use of the site after these modifications implies the acceptance of the Conditions in their modified version.

In this Terms and Conditions we intend:
for Site: the computer system structure, currently in use and subsequently, that also includes ( by way of example only), the software that allows its operation and the relative codes; the web pages that accompany it, the texts, images, audio and / or video reproductions, in whatever digital format, the design and the graphic layout, the archives to which it refers and own by the site owner or by third parties with whom there are specific relationships or constraints, electronic bank databases if shown and / or available within the site, reproductions of trademarks, logos and distinctive signs and anything else related to it, even if only technical references.
for Content: everything that the site includes ( by way of example only) such as, texts, images, audio and video files, virtual animations, multimedia and / or hyper-textual elements, regardless of formats, media that contain them, extension, size, versions in use and techniques used for their distribution and / or transmission;
for website owner: Computec Srl, with registered office in (25107) Lonato del Garda (BS), via C.A. Dalla Chiesa, 5.

Use of contents, trademarks and other distinctive signs

This site and all the material in it may belong to intellectual property and therefore may be protected by copyright law. The violation of the rights established may therefore lead to penal or administrative sanctions envisaged by the art. 171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of the law of 22 April 1941, n. 633, in addition to the civil penalties provided by the Italian civil code.

The intellectual property rights on all contents made available within this site are and remain property of the site owner, and / or its licensors and / or legitimate right holders. The material contained in this site cannot therefore be reproduced, with any analogical or digital means, directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, without the written authorization of the site owner and / or its assignors and / or legitimate owners, except for reproductions made for personal use only. Therefore, acts of reproduction without economic importance can be performed, such as storing, printing, viewing, downloading, copying, commenting and sharing through social networks of the contents and any other downloadable material available within the website, only if reporting faithfully indications of copyright and the other indications reported on the site.

It is not allowed to publish, modify, distribute or reproduce, in any format, any content or copy of the contents provided or that appear on this site in relation to any activity and / or commercial purposes.
It is not permitted to modify, translate, decode, disassemble or create derivative works and / or based on any software or documentation owned by the site owner and / or its assignors and / or legitimate right holders.
It is in particular forbidden to use the owner’s logo, images and graphics without the prior written consent from him. It is also forbidden to create a link on your site, which refers to a page of this site without the prior written site owner’s consent.
In any case, to those wishing to use the contents can request it by email by writing to

All registered and unregistered trademarks, trade names and other distinctive signs on this site belong to their legitimate owners and are not licensed or in any way made available without the author’s written permission and, from the site management and the property.
When referring to a trademark or a distinctive sign of a third party, it is used exclusively for the product and / or service it is related to and no approval is given in any way by the owner and / or any link to the Owner.

Warranties, Liability, Exclusions and Responsibility limitations

The site and its related services are made available to users for free.
Users acknowledge that the use of the site is at their own risk. Except as may be established for the services offered through it, the site is provided in this way and it is available without additional guarantees in addition to those provided in these conditions, obtained from the user within the site.

The website owner has the right, at any time, at his discretion, to modify, add contents within the site, as well as the right to disconnect its services, in whole or in part, without providing any prior notice and without any responsibility.
The owner, also through its suppliers, provides and secures the site, with effective tools based on the state of art, protecting it from malicious aspects, from risks of intrusion, damage and / or loss, even accidental, of data and resources. The user must avoid any behavior that could compromise the measures carried out by the site. Protecting the tools that allow the connection to the network in order to access to the site and navigate within it.

The owner is not and cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting to the computer and / or communication equipment used by the user to access and navigate within the website, including any liability associated with the spread of viruses through the internet network.

It is also excluded, except in cases of malice or gross negligence and for specific services offered by the site, any responsibility of the owner for (by way of example but not limited to) damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the user or by third parties caused by the use or non-use of the site, as well as if the site works with interruptions or errors and, in particular, in relation with:

a) delay, failure, suspension or interruption of the internet connection and inability to access to the site;
d) malfunction of the connection equipment to access the site used by the users and made available for them by third-party;
e) wrong use of the site by the user.

Information, texts, graphics, software and other contents within the site is provided by the site owner’s suppliers (eg web designers, hosting providers, etc ) and it is their responsibility guaranteeing information related to it and to its the services and the titles that legitimize its marketability and usability.

However, the site owner is obliged to provide data and contact details of the suppliers in order to enable them to be identified, when required and according to the law.

In the case of hypertext link to an external site, the site owner has no responsibility for the contents or use of the site.

Unless expressly stated, all persons (including their names and images), registered trademarks and images of third party products, services and / or places within this site are in no way associated, linked to the site owner and it must not rely on the existence of such connection or affiliation.

The user undertakes to not use the services shown within the site and / or its functionalities in violation of the law or to commit offenses of criminal relevance. Regarding these, the site owner is not obliged to carry out any general surveillance activity. Unless his obligations to promptly and adequately verify the requests of the competent authorities in case of investigations aimed at disclosing unlawful acts committed on-line.

Protection of personal data

Regarding the conditions of data processing of users who visit and / or interact with the site, please refer to the site information doc. 7 03 GDPR 05 21.

Final provisions

The present conditions have been prepared and are governed by Italian law.
The language is the Italian language.

In the case of translation into other languages, doubts over interpretation will be solved basing on the Italian version.

In the event of disputes between the owner and site users regarding these conditions and related to the use of the site and its services, they are reserved to the Italian jurisdiction.

For what is not expressly foreseen and regulated here, please refer to the legislation, to the national and European codes and regulations, in use and applicable to the subject and at these conditions.

The circumstance for which the owner does not exercise the faculties and / or rights provided by these conditions (and / or those that govern specific services) cannot be understood as a waiver, and will not stop him from claiming the punctual and rigorous observance over time, unless the site owner does not dispose of his renunciation in writing.

The possible ineffectiveness of one or more provisions, or part of them, of these conditions does not entail the invalidity or ineffectiveness of them and in this case they must be interpreted in relation to and in accordance with the remaining.