Remote Assistance with TeamViewer software

Terms and Conditions – Disclaimer

The terms, conditions and disclaimer below have no relation to TeamViewer Gmbh and have been individually defined by a TeamViewer user.

TeamViewer is a third party software product provided by Teamviewer Gmbh and used by COMPUTEC Srl (“COMPUTEC”) to provide remote support to Customers. COMPUTEC makes no warranty on the TeamViewer product and will not be responsible for any malfunctions caused by TeamViewer on the Client’s computer. COMPUTEC has all the necessary licenses to use TeamViewer.

By installing or otherwise using TeamViewer and accepting COMPUTEC’s remote connection request, the Client authorizes COMPUTEC to access his computer and any data on it present to which COMPUTEC must reasonably have access for the purpose of carrying out the activity.

The Customer must collaborate with COMPUTEC by maintaining telephone contact with the COMPUTEC technician in charge of the assistance activity and must monitor the activities performed by them throughout the remote assistance session.

The Customer is aware and accepts that using TeamViewer COMPUTEC will have temporary remote control of the Customer’s computer in order to verify and attempt to resolve the reported problem. The Customer has the possibility to visually follow the actions performed by the COMPUTEC technician in real time and, in case of performance or other problems, can at any time ask the COMPUTEC technician to suspend the activity and interrupt the remote connection.

During the remote assistance session, COMPUTEC will make every effort to access only the Customer’s data necessary for the execution of the activity. In the event that the COMPUTEC technician has access to other data on the computer of the Customer, COMPUTEC will take all the necessary measures to guarantee its confidentiality in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

The Customer is aware and accepts that COMPUTEC will in no case be liable for direct, indirect, exemplary, incidental, special, consequential or of any kind, regardless of the cause or attribution of responsibility (including, by way of example but not limited to, damages deriving from loss of earnings or revenue, loss of privacy, failure to use any computer or software, business interruption, loss of commercial information or other type of economic loss), deriving from the remote assistance activity.