Information technology

Specialised system consultants will support you with different solutions to develop your infrastructure

Reliability and expertise

Since 1992, Computec srl has been offering consulting and system support for companies. On the strength of its experience in the information systems sector and driven by a constant passion for technology, Computec has always been synonymous with reliability, competence and customer support.

Specialised and certified consultants guide the customer in the choice of the most appropriate solutions to their needs, offering a complete range of services for the consolidation and development of the technological infrastructure with the aim of providing the best solutions on the market and creating concrete advantages for the customer.

Datacenter & Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting business operations, data management and service provision.
We support companies in the implementation and management of their data centres and provide system support for technology upgrades, planning, migration, data management and fleet maintenance.

Server consolidation’ is an IT strategy that aims to reduce the number of physical servers used by a company by optimising the use of existing resources. This practice involves the migration of workloads from numerous physical servers to one or more virtual servers, allowing a more efficient use of hardware resources and a reduction in operating costs, including those related to energy and maintenance of physical servers.

Virtualisation is a technology that allows a virtual or simulated environment to be created on a single physical server, enabling multiple operating systems or applications to run on it in isolation and independently.

Hyper-convergence is a technology within the IT infrastructure that combines computing, storage and networking into a single integrated, software-managed solution. This approach simplifies infrastructure management, reducing complexity and improving operational efficiency.

& Data Protection

Computer security is a complex and articulated process that requires increasingly specific skills. Companies are confronted on a daily basis with increasingly sophisticated new threats that include malware, hacker attacks, data theft, phishing, spam and many other activities that aim to compromise computer systems and networks.

Computec supports the customer in implementing the basic elements of cybersecurity:

Security measures encompass a wide range of tools and techniques that are used to protect digital assets. These measures may include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, multi-factor authentication, constant monitoring and more.

Encryption is the process of transforming data into an unreadable form, called cipher text, in order to protect it from unauthorised reading. Only those who have the decryption key can read the data in its original form.

Authentication verifies the identity of users and entities seeking access to a system or specific data. Authorisation determines which actions or resources an authenticated user can use once entered the system.

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in computer systems that can be exploited by attacks. Vulnerability management involves the regular scanning and correction of these weaknesses to reduce the risk of intrusions.

User training is crucial to promote computer security awareness. Users are trained on how to recognise threats such as phishing and adopt safe practices when using devices and networks.

Incident management involves the planning and execution of actions to respond to security incidents. This may include incident investigation, containment, remediation and mitigation.

& Modern Workplace

Nowadays, a modern workplace represents an innovative approach to organising and structuring corporate workspaces.
This concept is based on the adoption of advanced technologies and flexible working models to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees.
In the modern workspace, digital connectivity and mobility enable employees to perform their tasks more flexibly, whether in the office, remotely or in shared spaces.

With this in mind, our team can support you in implementing and managing some key elements:

A modern workspace is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as mobile devices, collaborative apps, video conferencing tools and cloud-based solutions, enabling employees to work in a more flexible and connected way.

The ability to work remotely or in ‘smart working’ mode is a key feature of a modern workspace. Employees can perform their tasks from anywhere, increasing their autonomy and productivity.

With the increasing dependence on technology, data security is a major concern. A modern workspace is committed to protecting sensitive information through strong IT security solutions.

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Experience and security

Computec has a highly specialised and professional team. Our technicians are always on the lookout for the best available technologies with the aim of meeting the customer’s requirements in the best possible way.

Accurate and competent pre-sales advice and many years of experience in after-sales service guarantee the customer total peace of mind when approaching the Information Technology market.

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Since 1992 Computec has relied on only the best partners to guarantee safety and reliability.

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