Computec’s history from 1992 to the present day, between growth and innovation

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Computec srl

COMPUTEC was founded in 1992 by brothers Paolo and Ugo Lagi.

Today, more than 30 years later, Computec has achieved experience in the world of Electronics and IT.
It has become a major player in the design and production of electronic boards, as well as in IT system support, thanks to its skilled technicians and engineers.

  • MISSION: We want to design, manufacture and market reliable and quality technology products through investment in advanced technologies, constant updating of our know-how, passion, teamwork and collaboration with the Customer.

  • VISION: We want to be the ideal partner for technology solutions, always focusing on building a relationship of trust and mutual esteem with all our stakeholders, both internal and external to the company.

Our journey

Here are the most important milestones in our history.

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Paolo and Ugo Lagi founded COMPUTEC, a small company dedicated to the sale of services and products for the IT market and the realisation of small projects for the electronics sector.


COMPUTEC began working with Sematic Italia spa to develop drives for controlling lift door motors, the company’s main market for many years.


An electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) test laboratory is set up to offer a third-party testing service.


Sematic Italia spa enters into partnership with COMPUTEC, thus opening up new growth prospects; the company COMPUTEC srl was born.


COMPUTEC srl moves into its new headquarters of 1000 sqm.


An automatic line for the production of surface-mounted boards (SMT) is equipped.


COMPUTEC srl also expands its expertise to the lighting sector.


New projects in the field of industrial automation are developed.


COMPUTEC srl completes the expansion of its headquarters to reach 2000 smq; production capacity is increased and the R&D team grows.


COMPUTEC srl certifies its quality system to IS0 9001; in the same year it qualifies its personnel to the IPC Standard.


The first Computec-branded door drive was born (CDD5). Production technology is improved by introducing a high-performance SMT line (FUJI NXTIII).


The CDD6 was born. It is an evolved version of the previous door drive CDD5. Some features are implemented, such as the addition of Wi-fi, CAN bus and a new motor control with the ability to drive multiple motors together.


COMPUTEC srl participates in the Interlift trade fair for the first time


The new building becomes operational: the total area of the company reaches 6500 sqm; the production capacity exceeds 100 million assembled components per year.

Our growth path

We have always put at the centre the people we work with. We strongly believe in human values, which are fundamental to grow well together.

Years of experience

Over 90 employees divided into:

Computec team

What we believe in



Knowing how to listen to customers’ expectations, being attentive to their reactions, responding to their requests and doing everything to satisfy them is what characterises and distinguishes us.



Focusing on people is the cornerstone of our philosophy, as they are the most important resource we have. Satisfied and motivated employees make it possible to work better, build a successful team and grow more and more.



We strive to offer both customers and all stakeholders the best services according to increasingly high quality standards. Our management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and our production cycle according to the IPC Standard.

Safety and environment

Safety and environment

The safety of our workers and the respect for the environment are very important issues, therefore we are integrating our management system with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.



We invest in new technologies, state-of-the-art machinery and research and development programmes to keep our process focused on continuous innovation.

Social commitment

Social commitment

We strongly believe in our company’s collaboration with external organisations and companies in the area. On a social level, every year we support charitable organisations supporting children and their families, charities working in conflict zones and sports associations.

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