Since 1992 we have been providing our know-how
and technologies to offer tailor-made winning solutions.

30+ years


1.000+ projects


150+ customers


90+ people


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Experience at your service


Our engineers guide the Customer in choosing the best paths, from the product feasibility study to its realisation.

EMC testing

Our laboratory is equipped for tests on electrical and electronic equipment: pre-compliance EMC tests, electrical safety tests, climatic tests, optical tests. The laboratory is also available for external users.


Our products are manufactured by specialised personnel using technologically advanced machinery.

Tailor made support

Specialised and certified consultants guide the Customer in the choice of the most appropriate solutions to their needs, offering a complete range of services for the consolidation and development of the technological infrastructure with the aim of providing the best solutions on the market and creating concrete advantages for the customer.

  • Datacenter & Infrastructure

  • Cybersecurity & Data Protection

  • Collaboration & Modern Workplace

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How we support your business

We provide an all-round service, offering support from the design to the realisation of the finished product, also following up after sales. Choose what we can help you with:

Design + Production

For material procurement, we can handle different solutions (full account, subcontracting).

A team of technicians and professionals.

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Fields of application

We manage customised projects and products for our Customers, operating in various fields of application:

  • Motor control drive
  • Lift

  • Lighting

  • Industrial automation
  • Tracking
  • Security

  • Radiofrequency (IOT)

Request a special advice
with the Computec team

Our sales and technical departments are available to help the Customer from the feasibility study of the project,
to the preparation of the quotation, to after-sales support.